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Citizenship-by-Investment programs present the chance to legally obtain a new nationality and an additional passport in a quick and simple way. Residence Permit/Citizenship. Countries that currently offer citizenship-by-investment programs, which provide a direct route to citizenship based on investment include: St. Kitts and Nevis, Antigua and Barbuda, Dominica, Grenada, Cyprus, Malta, and Austria. On the other hand, countries that offer citizenship following a reasonable period of residence include Portugal, Belgium, the UK, Australia, Bulgaria, Canada, Singapore, and the USA.


Residence permit programs have initially been associated with permanent migration. It was for the people who want to live and work in a different country. Over the years, a global class of professionals has emerged with increasing mobility. This led to an increasing demand for visa-free travel, international education opportunities, flexible tax regimes, and security to move between countries. The first residency by Investment program is established by Canada government as an immigrant investor program in 1986. The countries like the United States, the United Kingdom, Portugal, and Spain released their residency programs later on. They become very popular through years because most of them are created an attractive investment opportunity by means of real estate. Residence Permit/Citizenship.

We have carefully don for you a Selection of top Prime Residence Programs which you can choose from.


Canada boasts one of the highest standards of living in the world and top-quality education, and it is a prime place to do business, with access to the entire North American market. The country offers several routes to residence, including a government bond contribution of CAD 1.2 million under the Quebec Immigrant Investor Program Residence Permit/Citizenship.. Enquire now


The Malta Residence and Visa Program offers freedom of movement within Europe’s Schengen Area and security within the EU’s social and legal systems. For a minimum contribution of EUR 330,000, successful applicants and their family members enjoy the right to reside, settle, and stay indefinitely in Malta. Residence Permit/Citizenship. Enquire now


The Portugal Golden Residence Permit Program is a pathway to visa-free travel in Europe’s Schengen Area and offers the right to live, work, and study in Portugal for a minimum contribution of EUR 250,000. The physical presence requirement is low, with eligibility to apply for citizenship after five years. Enquire now


The Swiss Residence Program guarantees residence in Switzerland and visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area. Successful applicants obtain residence status within two to six months by contributing a minimum of CHF 200,000 in annual taxes. Other benefits include economic, social, and political stability and first-class infrastructure. Enquire now

Residence Programs


Australia is a leading destination for global business innovators seeking a high quality of life and offers four main permanent residence programs. Under the Investor Stream, successful applicants must commit a fund investment of AUD 1.5 million. Enquire now



Austria offers a range of residence options for those seeking residence in an EU state and visa-free access to Europe’s Schengen Area, as well as an extremely high quality of life. There are minimal application requirements and citizenship is possible after six to ten years of residence. Enquire now


The Cyprus Investment Program is an excellent choice for those seeking international real estate investments and one of the world’s strongest passports. The application process is simple and there is no residence requirement. For an investment of EUR 300,000, successful applicants gain residence that applies to the whole family. Enquire now


Greece appeals to real estate investors as properties can be sub-let, real estate purchases are VAT-exempt, and there is no residence requirement. Under the Greece Golden Visa Program, a real estate investment of EUR 250,000 grants a residence permit, which is acquired within 60 days and enables visa-free travel within Europe’s Schengen Area. Enquire now


Hong Kong

Hong Kong offers multiple options for residence in a world-class location that is the premier gateway for trade and investment to and from mainland China. Residents benefit from the world’s freest economy, with world-class medical facilities and educational institutions. Enquire now


Italy has two residence options for investors seeking visa-free travel across Europe’s Schengen Area for themselves and their families. No permanent stay is required, and successful applicants enjoy access to top medical care and educational institutions for an investment of EUR 250,000.Residence Permit/Citizenship. Enquire now


Jersey residents benefit from a high standard of living and a stable economy. The island is conveniently located, with excellent flight connections and residents. Successful applicants must contribute at least GBP 145,000 in taxes annually and purchase a single residential property worth GBP 1.75 million. Enquire now


The Latvia Residence-by-Investment Program offers several qualifying options and boasts an extremely quick processing time. For a minimum contribution of EUR 250,000, successful applicants and their families will receive residence permits to Latvia within 90 days, which is situated within Europe’s Schengen Area. There is no residence requirement. Enquire now


The Malaysia My Second Home Program allows foreign nationals who fulfill certain criteria to reside in Malaysia on a multiple-entry social visit pass. The country boasts a highly open upper-middle income economy and the third-largest economy in Southeast Asia. Enquire now


Monaco is the European residence of choice for those with the means to afford the premium lifestyle it offers. Residents enjoy an unrivaled standard of living, a high level of personal security, and modern and efficient infrastructure. Enquire now


New Zealand

New Zealand promises a high standard of living and economic, political, and social stability. Resident visas permit successful applicants to live and work in New Zealand, and applications can include one’s spouse and dependent children aged 24 and under. A minimum investment of NZD 3 million is required. Enquire now


The Singapore Global Investor Program is the route to residing in a stable, safe country with a high standard of living and world-class education, healthcare, and transport systems. There are three investment options, each requiring a fund investment of SGD 2.5 million. Enquire now


The Thailand Elite Residence Program grants successful applicants and their families residence for five to twenty years, within four months. Successful applicants receive complimentary VIP services including a dedicated Thailand Elite personal assistant for international flights and lounge access, airport transfers, and a 24-hour member contact center. The minimum investment required is THB 500,000 (approximately USD 16,000). Enquire now

United Kingdom

The United Kingdom offers residence in a highly desirable destination and access to one of the world’s most influential financial centers. For those with families, there is the benefit of world-renowned schools and universities. For a minimum contribution of GBP 2 million under the UK Investor Immigration Program, successful applicants gain residence status within two months. Residence Permit/Citizenship. Enquire now

United States of America

The United States presents the ideal investment opportunity for wealthy and talented entrepreneurs looking to access the North American market. The US EB-5 Immigrant Investor Program requires a minimum investment of USD 900,000. Successful applicants are granted residence within 18 months Residence Permit/Citizenship.. Enquire now